Avengers Endgame: Ronin aka Barton’s costume in the film leaked online

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Avengers Endgame: Ronin aka Barton’s costume in the film leaked online 

There are 2 months for Avengers: Endgame’s release and everyday new spoilers are dropping on the social media. Earlier, it was speculated by a fan theory that Loki might be alive, citing the missing characters from Avengers Superbowl teaser. Now, a recent leak reveals how Jeremy Renner’s Ronin look in the Marvel film would be. As per the leaked image, Barton is wearing a black and gold spandex costume. He is also donning a black mask similar to his comic book counterpart.

India Tv - Ronin toy figure

Ronin toy figure

However, fans are requested not to believe these toys as the Russo Brothers themselves revealed that these toys are often deliberately misdirected to introduce a surprise factor to the film.

“What’s interesting about toy leaks is that 99 percent of the time they’re not accurate. Because toys are, frankly, tailored to either old concepts or completely different concepts than what’s in the movie,” Joe Russo told Collider.

“I laugh a lot when those toy leaks show up because I’m like, well,that’s great, because that’s a misdirect [laughs]. Because it has nothing to do with the film,” he added.

According to the recent fan theory, the Avengers will time travel with the help of Ant-Man. They will go back in the time when Loki and his army attacked New York. They will reverse Thanos’ snap that decimated fifty per cent of the world’s population. However, question still remains; will Tony Stark survive the Endgame?

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